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    Michael S Smith
  • Vendors

    Michael S Smith


De Gournay is synonymous with art in the world of wallpaper, artisans capable of recreating on a wall a Chinese-inspired exterior landscape, a 19th century French scene, an Art Nouveau or Art Deco interior and a gold leaf ceiling. Today De Gournay offers its designs in different textures and standard colors, as well as the possibility of customizing them down to the smallest detail, even developing new creations. As a novelty, De Gournay has launched its designs in stock that allow projects to be completed in just 15 days.


Carolina is a dear friend of Michael. Michael describes her as an extraordinary woman with great talent and exquisite taste. Michael loves using her fabrics and her recently launched collection of wallpapers in many of his projects. Carolina is a global citizen; born to Venezuelan parents in the United States, she studied Art History and Archaeology in Paris, specializing in Italian art from the 17th century. Passionate about design and ancient textile documents, her professional life has always been connected to creativity, serving as an editor for magazines and a designer of decorative accessories and fashion. In 2006, she fulfilled her dream by founding her own textile design studio, drawing on her life experiences as a passionate traveler.


Namay Samay is a superlative in the Bhutanese language, literally meaning “beyond the sky, beyond the earth,” and it is the name of a handmade textile house specializing in handwoven fabrics, embroidery, and hand-printed designs. John, whom we adore, and his family are the heart of this exquisite brand. Local artisans weave the designs by hand on waist and frame looms and embroider in metal, as in the workshops of Bhutan and Bengal in ancient times. They employ traditional techniques passed down from their elders and ancestors. The collections draw inspiration from historical designs of both Europe and the East but exude an Indian flavor that transports us to the foothills of the Himalayas. Vibrant colors, floral motifs, and cashmeres imbue character and authenticity to these exquisite creations.


Jasper Fabrics was born nearly 2 decades ago from interior designer, Michael S. Smith. The fabrics are made by the world’s finest artisans and fabric mills. His obsession for beauty and history made him want to design these, with a seamless blend of European style with American modernism. Jasper products are inspired by Michael’s personal archive of historical designs, reinterpreting the past through a modern lens. Michael´s love for tradition, high quality and perfect finishings make Jasper fabrics unique.


Templeton Fabrics is inspired by Charles Templeton Crocker–one of the first American clients of Jean-Michel Frank. The Templeton fabric line draws upon the foresight of Charles Templeton Crocker and are inspired by his life-long pursuit to find the most beautiful objects from around the world. Templeton Fabrics pushes the boundaries of the modern fabric world with brilliant graphics and luscious wovens. Sourced from generation’s old hand-blocking houses in Eastern Asia to mills located in the countryside of Scotland, Templeton fabrics bring a modern twist to Michael S. Smith’s otherwise classic designs.


She began her career as an interior designer for 4 years at the Michael S. Smith studio in Los Angeles. Schuyler’s creations convey a modern-classic style full of life, strength, movement and colour. The designer is inspired by old and exotic pieces and garments from other times, imprinting her fresh and current style. There is no doubt that her fabrics and wallpapers leave her mark. “I want my own fabrics to be bold, lush and different – ​​the kind of thing you can’t find anywhere else but are always looking for.”


With the soul of an artist, and years of experience restoring historic ceilings and mural paintings in House Museums across the US, Elisabeth is an international benchmark for handmade wallcoverings and textiles. Recognized for her sophisticated handling of textures, color and light, her fabrics are characterized by a natural elegance combining soft, neutral and sober colors with a resounding and generally smooth textile framework. Their coatings are designs that combine patterns and relief, create decorative surfaces that could even resemble construction materials.


Her first client was Michael Smith.
Of French-Lebanese origin, Alice falls in love as a child with France and all french related fashion, architecture, culture and language. Her 20-years career in fashion design and her passion for traveling have forged a personal style that reflects her Lebanese cultural background and french influence. Her collections of fabrics and wallpapers are inspired by her travels: palaces, mosaic tiles, marquetry furniture, ancient fabrics and embroideries have been the source of unusual motifs incorporated into her textile designs.


Dominique Chevalier, was born in France in a family of textile manufacturers. With creative concerns since she was young, she studied Fine Arts and after working for years in the world of contemporary art, she decided to create her own decoration products company. Later, she launched the Paris L´Après Midi brand, which, as its name suggests, is the result of strong inspiration in Parisian colors and environments, portrayed in an edition of elegant and luxurious fabrics.
Her designs create a home, they are soft, subtle and warm, made with wool and the highest quality materials, and in many cases by hand.


Collier Webb is a third generation company. Founder Cedric Collier began metal casting as a hobby in a shed in his garden, falling in love with the methodology of sand casting. The quality of his products and excellence in service arouse the interest of decorators and architects and with his son joining the business they grew. The late Andrew Webb, a renowned interior designer trained at Sotheby’s, joined as a business partner. As a cutting-edge brand in luxury craftsmanship and specialists in lighting, they also offer furniture, hardware and accessories that are present in many of Michael Smith’s projects.


Mirror as a decorative element is the soul of this company founded in Los Angeles that has become the leading manufacturer of decorative mirrors for the interior design community in the USA. Michael Smith, as well as other prestigious decorators, collaborates with Mirror Home designing his own collection of mirrors. Specializing in custom mirrors, Mirror Home has mastered the techniques of hand carving, soldering and aging, and offers a variety of finishing options, as well as framing options. One of the flagship products is the antiqued mirror that can be cut to any size and used on walls, doors, panels, etc.


Born in Shanghai, Rose lives and works in Los Angeles. Her five-decade career proves that creativity is an inexhaustible resource, “the more you use it, the more you have”. Hailed as having the best taste in the world, her reputation as a businesswoman matches her style; three weeks before the 2008 crash she sold her company, Rose Tarlow Melrose House, and bought it back eight years later. The there is her “faces as interior designer”, whith a valuable contribution full of the most tender visual poetry. Fabrics have been another iteration in her career; they represent the intersection of quality and simplicity and contribute to her goal in her projects.


Nicole’s passion has been antique French textiles from the late 17th to the early 19th century. Prior to creating her company, Nicole was involved in collecting and trading with her treasures for many years, making her an authority on antique, Indian and French fabrics. John Laffin, design director of Liberty of London Prints for 20 years joins Nicole to develop and produce a wide variety of textile designs, from hand-woven natural linens to exquisite printed fabrics from her vast archive. The production located in Norfolk, UK, offers everything from striped patterns in vivid colors, geometric shapes in warm colors to time-traveling floral designs.


Will Fisher’s passion as a “distinguished” collector of antique English fireplaces has forged Jamb Ltd, a company renowned among designers and architects around the world for offering the finest antique fireplaces and reproductions, fireplace grilles and antique lighting reproductions. The essence of these pieces is the history of England, the architecture of centuries past has survived over the years in their designs. Capturing and reproducing the classic aesthetic of English country houses are at the heart of Jamb’s design ethos. Their hanging globes and lanterns stand out, as well as the incorporation of antique furniture into the collection.

Fleurons d’Helene

When she was very young, deeply influenced by her mother and American grandmother, Helen Cormack developed a strong passion for both fashion and decorative fabrics. After six years in the 1980s as an interior decorator, she decided to focus her career on decorative textiles. She worked for fifteen years in the fabric showrooms of H.A. Percheron and Claremont. In Helen’s own words, “I was very fortunate to sell some of the most beautiful European fabrics”. Helene launched Tissus d’Helene, “the collection began in 2010 and continues to evolve, reflecting my eclectic taste. I adore 18th-century English and French fabrics as much as ikats, cashmere prints, and all the interesting trends.”

Helene Blanche

A Scandinavian brand of timeless craftsmanship, Helene Blanche Fabrics & Wallpapers, was founded in Denmark in 2008 by renowned textile designer Helene Blanche and her husband, interior designer Jannik Martensen-Larsen. Helene’s fascination with the historical tradition of decorative textiles using needle and thread, such as cross-stitch and embroidery, is clearly reflected in her design aesthetic. There is a poetic elegance in Helene’s designs, combining Scandinavian attention to detail with a timeless classical essence: refined craftsmanship, impeccable quality, lightness of movement, and organic purity. Helene’s fabrics and wallpapers are characterized by unique geometric patterns: hand-painted stripes, oval ink dots, and cubist shapes.

Rosa Bernal

Founded in 1999, La Colección Rosa Bernal was established to create a brand that represented excellence in the high-end fabric market worldwide. Upholding the highest standards in design, it could also guarantee that all the linen used to print its designs would be of the finest quality and environmentally friendly: meticulous control from planting the seeds in the best fields in Belgium to the perfect moment of harvest and the drying processes. “The most exquisite linen possible, finished with our own warp settings and softening methods, allows us to offer our customers the best.” The fabric collections have been designed by Francisco Bernal, the son of the co-founder and one of Spain’s top interior designers.

Lisa Fine

Lisa Fine, born in Mississippi, divides her time between New York and Dallas. She introduced her first fabric collection to the market in 2007, drawing inspiration for her creations from her travels to India and the Middle East. In her own words, “On my first trip to India, within 48 hours, I knew I wanted to work with fabrics. It’s been 25 years since I went to Jaisalmer, Delhi, and Rajasthan. No matter how many times I go to India or how long I stay, I always discover something related to the textile world.” Her ideal style is timeless, comfortable, and imperfect; she dislikes artificial, overthought, or pretentious homes. Her designs are enveloping, driven first by the richness of colors and combinations and secondly by floral patterns.

Sena Cifuentes

Quiting her own words: “My career as a botanical watercolorist began in 1997 when I won the Silver Medal at the Royal Horticultural Society competition in London for botanical watercolorists. Since then, my work has always been inspired by and connected to nature. Especially the world of the very small, what often goes unnoticed, the insects, the tiny flowers… Through delicate and subtle drawings, I create a vast web of sensations and emotions. Now, I translate my work into everyday objects, aiming for a type of applied art in decoration and fashion, with the goal of transforming everyday items into art without losing their functionality.”

Nzuri Textiles

Nzuri Textiles founder and textile designer Eno Jonah has a life long appreciation for fine carefully made textiles. She grew up in Nigeria, a country rich in diverse cultures and skilled artisans, and has visited many important weaving centers in Asia, Latin America and Africa. She finds inspiration from many sources and particularly values the cultural significance of motifs found in traditional arts and textiles. Eno’s philosophy in creating textiles is apparent in each of Nzuri’s collections. A fine textile should have a unique, aesthetically beautiful and versatile design. It should be made of high quality materials and should harness the talents of highly skilled artisans to assure the finest workmanship.

Carlos García

Recognised by House and Garden as one of UK’s Top100 interior designers, Carlos set up his practice in 2009 and during these years has been involved in a wide range of projects, from town houses to country houses, building a reliable network of suppliers and trusted craftsmen. With a passion for architecture, furniture design, fabrics and antiques, Carlos draws on these elements to help his clients realise their expectations. His lifelong interest in antique fabrics has resulted in the launch of his first collection of fabrics, based on original documents collected over the years. His work has featured in publications such as House and Garden, The English Home and AD amongst others and books “At Home in the English Countryside” (Rizzoli) and “British Designers at Home” (Hardy Grant). Carlos divides his time between London and Norfolk.

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